Tehsil Municipal Administration Rojhan

Rojhan is the Capital Seat of the Mazari Baloch tribe who have held this territory since 1632 A.D. Prior to this the Mazari Tribe were settled in the Bambhore Hills of present day Kahan in Balochistan. The original city of Rojhan, situated a few kilometers from the present city, was burnt by the Sikh invaders under the command of Raja Kharak Singh in retaliation of a predatory plundering raid by Mazari chief Behram Khanin 1836 on Mithankot ruled by Sikhs at the time. Later on Truce between Both The present City was constructed during the reign of the famous Mazari Chief, Nawab Sir Imam Buksh Khan Mazari, K.B.E, K.C.I.E. during the early and middle part of the 19th century. The word 'Rojhan' traces its roots back to the ancient Babalonyian and Caspatic languages of the Indo-European language family, meaning the 'City of Tents'. The City is a site to many ancient yet beautiful tombs of the Mazari Nawabs and Sardars dating as back as the 17th Century..


Rojhan Mazari is situated in District Rajanpur of Punjab near the inter-provincial borders of Balochistan, Sindh and Punjab. The City of Rojhan Mazari is spread over an area of four square kilometers and is connected by road and railway to Kashmore in the South West and Rajanpur in the North West.



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